Pastor Kalebs Easter Service

Live 2023 Easter Show!

Spring comes but once a year
And for 24 years we have celebrated this golden time together
The fountain of spring flows again
And the Water Rabbit's rain has blessed us with the flowers of this season
On April 9th, come share in the splendor of costume and community as we say farewell to the long grey and hello to the glory of spring!!

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Every year we feature an important non-profit to support. As an awesome group of people, we make a difference!
Please consider reaching deep down into your pockets and contribute money to Pride ASIA!
A member of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA), Pride ASIA celebrates, empowers, and
nurtures the multi-cultural diversity of the LGBTQ communities through the Asian Pacific Islander lens.
Pride ASIA was founded in 2012 by Seattle's own, Aleksa Manila.
Social activist by day, socialite by night, Aleksa is a celebrated and respected drag personality.
Originally from Manila, Philippines, she now calls Seattle home.
(Will she make an appearance on Easter this year? Hmmm, my fingers are crossed!)


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For check donations, please make checks out to "NQAPIA" and mail to:

PO Box 1277
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